Afrikaner Selfbeskikking Party Mediaveklarings


The well-known nationalist party, Front National (South Africa), resolved at an extraordinary National Congress on Friday night 10 January 2020 to change its name to AFRIKANER SELF-DETERMINATION PARTY. The party blames the Freedom Front Plus for the latter’s 25 years of non-delivery on their 1994 election promise of obtaining self-determination for the Afrikaner nation and
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Die welbekende nasionalistiese party, FRONT NASIONAAL (Suid-Afrika) het Vrydagnag 10 Januarie 2020 op ʼn buitengewone Nasionale Kongres besluit om sy naam te verander na AFRIKANER SELFBESKIKKING PARTY. Die party blameer die Vryheidsfront Plus vir hul versuim om vir die afgelope 25 jaar enigsins vordering te maak met hul 1994-verkiesingsbelofte van selfbeskikking vir die Afrikanervolk en
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MEDIA STATEMENT: The ANC accelerates the creation of a communist revolutionary climate in South Africa

There can be no doubt anymore that the ANC is accelerating the creation of  a communist revolutionary climate in South Africa. First, in his so-called “Day of Reconciliation” speech on 16 December 2019, ANC president and current president of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa, falsely alleged that the Voortrekkers of 1838 were “invaders” of Zulu territory
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