SUBJECT: 31 May: A date with great importance to the Afrikaner people

The date 31 May reminds one of both the oppression and the liberation of the Afrikaner people.

On 31 May 1902 the treaty of Vereeniging was signed in Melrose House in Pretoria. In terms thereof, the two internationally-recognized Boer Republics were subjected to imperial British rule after long years of war. That surrender by the Boers was forced upon them by the genocide which British troops committed by hording approximately 150,000 Boer women and children into concentration camps and causing the death of approximately 29,000 of them by exposing them to illnesses and malnutrition.

But on 31 May 1961 South Africa was declared a Republic free from Britain after years of self-sacrifice and continued struggle by our people for its freedom.

On 23 April 1994 the freedom of our people was once again signed away- this time in what can be regarded as the most dishonourable surrender of our freedom by certain members of our people.

Our people are since then cold-bloodedly targeted by the current communist South African ANC government with laws and measures which withhold labour, business and even emergency supply opportunities from our people and other light-skinned communities in the country on account of their light skin colour.

Thousands of light-skinned farmers have been murdered in our country by dark-skinned terrorists.

The South African government denies this murder campaign and fails to stop it. The same government and other political groupings instead incite dark-skinned communities against light-skinned citizens with distorted allegations about possession of land in this country.

Light-skinned persons, especially Afrikaners, are also increasingly being targeted with intimidation and isolation by certain dark-skinned people and their light-skinned pawns in certain state institutions.

While this continues, the minister of police recently announced that the government will introduce a law which would, among other things, prevent law-abiding citizens from acquiring firearms for self-defence.

The Afrikaner Self-determinatioin Party is irrevocably committed to the regaining of the freedom  of our people in our own state under our own government.

We call on all Afrikaners and other patriots from our shared European ancestry who strive for self-determination to consolidate in the Afrikaner Self-determination Party by joining the party as members on our website. Thereby they would help to ensure that we can overcome this oppression as our forebears overcame theirs after 31 May 1902.

Strength in Unity.

PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA                                                                 NO EMBARGO

31 MAY 2021

Adv Jurg Prinsloo SC
Adv Jurg Prinsloo SC Leier


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