Senekal Protes

The cause of the Senekal incident.

Media statement: Pretoria 8 October 2020 (No embargo).

No amount of hypocritical posturing about the damage to a police vehicle during the incident can ever persuade reasonable people that the peace-loving farming community of this country would suddenly, without any logical reason, become as furious as on Tuesday 6 October 2020 at the Senekal Magistrates Court.

For years Ramaphosa, the ANC, Julius Malema and the EFF as well as other anti-white organizations and individuals have been spewing anti-white and anti-Afrikaner slurs. Ramaphosa set a new despicable standard in this campaign by publicly denying murders of white farmers, labelling white people as land thieves, branding the early pioneers of the white settlements in the interior of the country as aggressive “invaders” and confirming the unlawful ANC policy decision to expropriate land owned by white South Africans without compensation.

While it became clear already years ago that murder of white farmers was developing into full-blown genocide, the ANC government failed to take decisive action to prioritize the combating of this crime. Malema and his party the EFF have consistently tried to outdo Ramaphosa in anti-white propaganda and attempts to stir up emotions against white South Africans. His repeated rant that South Africa belongs to non-white people and that white people must know that black people are in charge of the country, as well as his repeated calls for physical confrontation between black and white people which have gone unpunished for years, created an ideal atmosphere for more murders of white farmers.

More than two thousand white farmers have so far been murdered in typical terrorist fashion in recent years, and this year the frequency of the murders has increased noticably. While this is happening, the political propaganda against white people is not abating.

When  21 year old Brendin Horner was brutally attacked, slaughtered and then hung to a pole in the barbaric fashion typical of this terror campaign last Thursday, it should not have surprised any reasonable person that the anger of the civilised farming community, which had been contained for years,  boiled over. Even then, nobody was injured by any of the furious farmers during their protest on Tuesday. The damage to a police vehicle during the protest was in stark contrast with the millions of rand damage which has been, and is, caused to state infrastructure on a daily basis in the country elsewhere by other people without the mentioned politicians making the same noise.

Issued by: Jurg Prinsloo SC . Leader, Afrikaner Self-determination Party.

Cell phone: 0824142687.