The AFRIKANER SELF-DETERMINATION PARTY (“AFRSP”) has today submitted three demands to President Cyril Ramaphosa in an open letter from its leader, advocate Jurg Prinsloo SC, and has demanded that the three demands be complied with immediately. The full text of the letter is attached hereto and is also available on the web site of the Afrikaner Self-determination Party at and on the Facebook page of the party.

The three demands are as follows:

  1. Immediately repeal all legislation and discontinue all administrative action by state organs which is based on race or skin colour and allow the peoples of South Africa to freely enjoy and conserve their cultures.

The AFRSP indicates how the ANC government discriminates against persons on the basis of their pale complexion in spite of the world-renowned “for this I am prepared to die” speech by Nelson Mandela on 20 April 1964 at the end of his sabotage and suppression of communism trial, and the assurances of the ANC negotiators at CODESA prior to 27 April 1994,

including Ramaphosa and Mandela, to bring about a so-called non-racial state.

The AFRSP indicates how the ANC government already made provision in the 1996 Constitution for so-called “fair discrimination” and then made laws like the B-BBEE Act in terms of which they discriminate against people who they do not recognize as “black”.

The AFRSP accuses the ANC of having lied to the other negotiators and international observers at CODESA before 27 April 1994 and that it is continuing to lie to the citizens of South Africa and the international community about their so-called commitment to “non-racialism” and equality, and points out that the administrative application of the racist legislation has amongst other things, already forced hundreds of thousands of persons with pale complexions to emigrate from South Africa to try to make a living. The AFRSP also refers to the recent court judgment in which it was decided that the application of racist legislation in the payment of taxpayers’ money for disaster relief during the current disaster is legally sound.

The AFRSP furthermore points out that the ANC government is flouting section 6 of the Constitution of 1996 (eleven official languages) section 29(2) (the right of everyone to receive education in the official language or languages of their choice in public educational institutions) and section 30 (the right of everyone to use the language of their choice and to participate in the cultural life of their choice).

  • Immediately investigate, apprehend and prosecute all criminals outside and inside government.

The AFRSP accuses the ANC Government of having subverted the criminal

justice system of the country for years by the deployment of loyalists to high office in the Prosecuting Authority, the South African Police Service

and elsewhere in the system. As a result thereof, high profile ANC leaders are seldom brought to justice.

The AFRSP also contends that the handling of incidents such as the Life Esidimeni scandal undermines the trust of the public in the criminal justice system.

The AFRSP reminds Ramaphosa that hundreds of billions of rand have been stolen or wasted by ANC cadres in all levels of government while unemployment among ordinary South Africans has risen dramatically, basic municipal services have collapsed in several municipalities and public infrastructure such as roads and installations for the supply of water, electricity and for sewage management has reached a state of disrepair, with disastrous consequences.

The AFRSP furthermore points out that ANC cadre deployment to state-owned enterprises such as South African Airways, Eskom, and PRASA has resulted in these enterprises collapsing due to mismanagement and, in some cases, corruption.

Ramaphosa is reminded that he falsely told president Trump that there are no murders of light-skinned farmers in South Africa, and it is pointed out to him that the ANC government  does not take the necessary steps to prevent farm murders which by now number in the thousands.

  • Immediately reject the destructive communist ideology

The AFRSP points out that communist parties throughout the world, and also

in South Africa, have a history of destroying the economy of the countries which they govern. The middle-income class is financially destroyed so that

a small elite is left with all the financial and political power over the impoverished rest of the population.

Ramaphosa is reminded of the prosperity in South Africa with almost no unemployment, and how the country fed all its inhabitants and millions of citizens of other African countries prior to the ANC becoming the government. In contrast, the disastrous decline of the economy under the ANC government with its communist policy is pointed out. In this regard the AFRSP mentions the downgrading of South Africa’s credit rating to junk status, and the ANC government’s project to change the Constitution of the country in an attempt to create the false impression that the amended Constitution would legalize the theft of private property by the state from people with pale complexions.

 The AFRSP warns again that such theft is a crime against humanity for which the perpetrators will become jointly and individually liable.

The AFRSP reminds Ramaphosa that, on 16 December 2019, he intentionally publicly misrepresented  the history of the Afrikaner/ Boer nation’s holy Day of the Vow and describes that as an apparent attempt to create animosity between the Zulu and Afrikaner/Boer nations for strategic political reasons.

The AFRSP demands that the ANC government should immediately reject  communism and commit itself to the rebuilding of South Africa as a modern, productive country. Issued by:

Willie Cloete
Willie Cloete. Onderleier. AFRSP

Willie Cloete, Deputy Leader and Operational Manager,

Afrikaner Self-determination Party.