MEDIA STATEMENT: The EFF’s ploy to protect their shared communist agenda with the ANC.

On Thursday 13 February 2020 the communist ANC South African regime should have been the focal point in the South African parliament as the destroyers of the once-prosperous, safe and civilised country, South Africa.

 The speech of the ANC president, Cyril Ramaphosa was destined to contain more proof of this fact. The facts show that communism, the most inhumane and destructive political ideology on earth, has by now also almost totally destroyed South Africa since 27 April 1994.

Something had to be done by them and their ideological ally, the EFF, to deflect the attention from Ramaphosa’s speech.

 So the EFF employed the old tactic of bringing apartheid into the centre of attention by insulting the ex-president FW de Klerk to his face as an unapologetic proponent of apartheid, and apartheid as an alleged crime against humanity. As they had clearly planned, De Klerk, via his Foundation, responded by denying that apartheid was a crime against humanity. After all, De Klerk had for decades enthusiastically advocated apartheid, also more clearly called separate development, as the only viable political solution for South Africa’s multi-ethnic population.

This was before he unexpectedly and undemocratically assisted in destroying the four independent and six self-governing homelands of the dark-skinned indigenous ethnic groups created and supported under apartheid, and manipulated the communist ANC into government over a forcefully consolidated unitary South Africa between 2 February 1990 and 27 April 1994.

The EFF ploy on Thursday was very simple and very effective.

As expected, organisations like the SACC , COPE, and of course the ANC and SA Communist Party, aggressively denounced the De Klerk Foundation reaction, all in that way contributing to the attention being taken off Ramaphosa and the facts about his communist regime’s destruction of South Africa.

But the informed population of South Africa cannot be fooled by these ploys of the communists any more. Civilised, hard-working, freedom-loving men and women will not stand idly by and let evil prevail in this country.


Adv Jurg Prinsloo SC
Adv Jurg Prinsloo SC Leier

Jurg Prinsloo SC .

Leader, Afrikaner Self-determination Party.