The well-known nationalist party, Front National (South Africa), resolved at an extraordinary National Congress on Friday night 10 January 2020 to change its name to AFRIKANER SELF-DETERMINATION PARTY.

The party blames the Freedom Front Plus for the latter’s 25 years of non-delivery on their 1994 election promise of obtaining self-determination for the Afrikaner nation and its own volkstaat , and the lack of effective preventative measures against the ever-increasing oppression suffered by Afrikaners and other light-skinned people in South Africa during that period under the communist ANC government of South Africa.

It was decided on Friday to adopt the name “Afrikaner Self-determination Party” to unambiguously reflect the party’s irrevocable commitment to obtaining self-determination for the Afrikaner nation, including its own “volkstaat”.

The party will vigorously pursue the issue of Afrikaner self-determination and while doing so, oppose the governing party’s communist agenda such as its envisaged expropriation of property without compensation.

Issued by Adv. Jurg Prinsloo SC.

 Leader, ASP.


 12 January 2020.

Contact number: 0824142687