MEDIA STATEMENT: The ANC reveals its unlawful hidden political agenda in respect of expropriation of property without compensation

The shocking revelation was made in the media this weekend that the draft legislative amendments to the Constitution in respect of the envisaged expropriation without compensation was a mere pretence. The media revealed that Dr Motshekga of the ANC admitted that the draft amendment to the Constitution which was published for public commentary was published so that it would not cause too much controversy before the real amendment is introduced in Parliament.

In terms of the real amendment the courts will, according to Motshekga, have no jurisdiction to adjudicate the lawfulness of nil compensation in any specific expropriation.

Motshekga declared that the ANC was of the view that the court process was too long and that the ANC government, as the elected government, should have the final say in deciding whether compensation should be paid or not.

The whole concept of expropriation without compensation as published  in the  draft amendment bill is already unlawful because it violates International Law. The hidden draft text now revealed, is similarly a transgression of International Law.

The Afrikaner Self-determination Party will resist this unlawful strategy of the ANC and of the unlawful expropriation without compensation in whatever format, with all the resources at its disposal.

Jurg Prinsloo SC .

Leader, Afrikaner Self-determination Party.