MEDIA STATEMENT: The ANC accelerates the creation of a communist revolutionary climate in South Africa

There can be no doubt anymore that the ANC is accelerating the creation of  a communist revolutionary climate in South Africa.

First, in his so-called “Day of Reconciliation” speech on 16 December 2019, ANC president and current president of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa, falsely alleged that the Voortrekkers of 1838 were “invaders” of Zulu territory and that the Zulu warriors who attacked them at the Ncome river during the “Battle of Blood River” on 16 December 1838, were “freedom fighters”. In our opinion that was clearly done to instigate hatred against the Afrikaner nation and to attempt to drive a wedge between the Zulu nation and the Afrikaner nation.

This was followed by the revelation, still during the December holidays, that the ANC government had formulated draft legislation to nationalise all education and all sport in the country.

Recently that was followed by the public statement of the ANC minister of Police, Bheki Cele, that it would be better if members of the public did not possess any firearms.

The ANC has set March 2020 as the deadline for the formulation of amendments to Section 25 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa to attempt to legalise expropriation of property of light-skinned people without compensation.

Several individuals and organisations are enthusiastically supporting these steps of the ANC.

These steps are taken while the following background prevails:

  • The EFF that continuously make public statements, including propagating expropriation of property of light-skinned  people without compensation, to incite dark-skinned people against light-skinned people in South Africa, in an obvious attempt to replace the ANC as the most prominent communist revolutionary movement in the country.
  • The ANC fighting vigorously to retain that reputation.
  • The numerous public revelations of corruption, state capture and theft of staggering amounts of public money during the Zuma/Ramaphosa governing era.
  • The internal leadership battle raging in the ANC amid questions about the BOSASA donation to Cyril Ramaphosa’s personal election campaign and his clear attempts to obtain the support of the most radical wing of the communist governing tri-partite alliance.
  • The massive loss of votes announced for the ANC in the 8 May 2019 South African election.

The Afrikaner Self-determination Party warns all South Africans to urgently take notice of the intentional ant-light-skinned and communist revolutionary climate which is created, and calls upon them to prepare themselves to resolutely resist any attempts by the communist government of South Africa to finally deprive them of their rights.

Jurg Prinsloo SC .

Leader, Afrikaner Self-determination Party.